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Well Come

It’s 2017, I’m 29 years old, and here I am – again – starting fresh with a new blog. While the exact year is unclear to me, it’s somewhat accurate to say I’ve had dozens of bogs since at least 2004 (perhaps even earlier if we accept posts on websites like MySpace as a blog.) And, if we include the concept of a personal Home Page (a term that’s probably been diluted over the past ten years,) that’s regularly updated, then maybe I’ve been blogging a lot longer than previously thought. Of course, here I am diluting the concept of a blog while pointing out the degradation of the Home Page. Silly me.

So why start anew? Well I’m very active, in a niche fashion, on YouTube where I talk about methods for increase focus and productivity in our professional lives. And, as some know, a niche/narrow website is a decent way to build an audience. For me, a problem arises, I don’t have a niche mind – it’s actually quite convoluted and I miss discussing a wide variety of topics (but I’m not interest in creating a dozen niche sites.) So here we are again: I’ve chosen blogging as a way to essentially do what I want, without building an audience as a primary goal.

There’s also some therapeutic reasons for blogging/journaling, but I think we can chat about that in another post.

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