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The TOP 5 Alternatives to Modafinil

Modafinil is probably one of the most coveted nootropic / smart drug because of its prescription-only status in the United States. In the video, I outline my favorite 5 modafinil alternatives!

5. Adrafinil – the nootropic that metabolises into Modafinil.

4. Smart Caffeine – an effective combination of L-theanine and Caffeine.

3. Smart Drug Coffee 

To learn how to make Smart Drug Coffee, watch my video here:

2. SPRINT – Ideal to use to conquer a big project, a long day at work, or any mentally demanding task.

1. Nexus – Designed for both cognitive performance and maximum long-term brain function.

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Trello is my favorite project management tool

I’m a mixed bag when it comes to being organized. I recognize the value of organizing thoughts and ideas, however, when other elements creep in like planning/scheduling, I get a little anxious and feel confined. This just so happens to fit with my Myers-Briggs Type: INTP. Trello, however, is an application I can get behind and is something I’ve been using for almost two years.

Forget To-Do lists and writing on calendars, Trello is a web application (with a decent mobile counterpart) that is Agile friendly and makes organizing complex projects and tasks FUN (well, at least for me.)

Here’s a screencast I recently recorded, showing how I utilize Trello in my life. Enjoy!