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Steve Cronin talks Nootropics on the Radio Motherboard Podcast!

I sit down with Adrianne Jeffries & Emanuel Maiberg to talk nootropics at the Radio Motherboard studio in Brooklyn (actually, we were standing up!) They also try some nootropics! Emanuel comes in already on Alpha Brain by Onnit & Adrianne decides to hit some Optimind during the show.

We also consider:

– Why are noots so hot right now?
– There are disadvantages to self-experimentation? (Exhibit A: Noopept.)
– Research on nootropics is scarce. Why don’t nootropics companies pay for more studies into this stuff?
– What’s the deal with the butter in the coffee?

Link to full article/interview:

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VICE Reports on my YouTube Ban – “YouTube Is Removing Some Nootropics Channels”

On Sunday, April 29th, YouTube deleted my channel with over 400 videos and over 20,000 subscribers. VICE decided to tell the story and you can read their full article here. Here are some highlights:

YouTube deleted at least three nootropics channels over the past three days, leaving members of the community confused and worried that a larger crackdown is coming. Steve Cronin was a typical nootropics YouTuber. He experimented on himself with various substances, many of which are available without a prescription at Whole Foods or GNC. Nootropics usually refer to a wide range of substances including prescription drugs including Ritalin and over-the-counter supplements like aniracetam, which can be bought online.

Cronin’s YouTube channel was up to about 22,000 subscribers when he received a notice from YouTube about one of his videos, “Relax and Improve Your Sleep with Natural Calm Magnesium.” The notice said the video had been removed for violating YouTube’s community guidelines, but didn’t specify further. The video was a review for the product, which he bought at Whole Foods, Cronin said in an email. “Nothing illegal, no medical advice offered, I’ve always been incredibly careful about this,” he said.

YouTube removed the video and issued a strike. Strikes expire after three months, but if a YouTuber gets three at a time, their channel gets deleted. Cronin set 101 of his videos—about a fourth of his oeuvre—to private, hoping that would deter YouTube from issuing more strikes. He appealed the strike against the magnesium video and got it reversed. Still, he received two more strikes, against a video titled “My Current Daily Nootropics Stack” and one called “Increase Your Energy with Adrafinil | Star Nootropics,” even though the latter had been set to private. To avoid his third simultaneous strike, he deleted 236 videos that showed products or mentioned nootropics—but YouTube still suspended his uploading privileges on Sunday. Late Sunday night, YouTube issued another strike for “Increase Your Concentration & Memory with Oxiracetam by Star Nootropics” and deleted his channel.

In my opinion, YouTube needs to take a close look at [change] their automated systems and methodologies for outright deleting channels that content creators have spent years building. However, regardless of what they do, people are running to decentralized platforms like Steemit and DTube in order to express themselves freely.

And now I am moving my content over to Steemit & DTube and feel more free 🙂

Steve Cronin

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The TOP 5 Alternatives to Modafinil

Modafinil is probably one of the most coveted nootropic / smart drug because of its prescription-only status in the United States. In the video, I outline my favorite 5 modafinil alternatives!

5. Adrafinil – the nootropic that metabolises into Modafinil.

4. Smart Caffeine – an effective combination of L-theanine and Caffeine.

3. Smart Drug Coffee 

To learn how to make Smart Drug Coffee, watch my video here:

2. SPRINT – Ideal to use to conquer a big project, a long day at work, or any mentally demanding task.

1. Nexus – Designed for both cognitive performance and maximum long-term brain function.

(Just to let you know, the above are affiliate links!)